roken screens can vary from little scratches to spiderweb-like patterns to fully missing pieces of glass, and you’d be dealing with just a wrecked display and a broken phone to a simple aesthetic issue.

First, inspect the damage, which involves placing your phone on a hard surface and inspecting it under bright light rather than just giving it a fast before shoving it back into your pocket. You should be able to figure out whether the screen is going to fall off or fully fail with a little testing and cautious probing. Many times, it will stay put, cracks and all, so as long as the screen is still visible and functional.

When the phone is badly damaged, back up your data as soon as possible, making sure all of your photographs, videos, and critical information are stored someplace else in case the phone dies totally and you can’t get it operating again. Most likely, a professional repair is your best option if it has already stopped working.

Ascending order of professionalism is used to list the solutions.

Tips 1: Packing tape

“Hold out till I’m eligible for an upgrade,” is the key to success here. Cover the cracked phone’s screen with packing tape if you want to keep using it but don’t want to risk losing glass or slashing your fingers. It may appear almost like a real screen protector if you line everything up correctly and cut it with an X-Acto knife.

Tips 2: Screen protector

If you have cracks or scratches on your screen, you may apply a screen protector to keep the damage from becoming worse while still allowing you to use your Android or iPhone. It’s pointless to purchase a screen protector if certain chips and shards of glass are loose or missing. Replacing the damaged screen is simple.

A screen protector is far less expensive than a new phone screen, therefore if you choose this alternative, you will save money.

Tips 3: Replace the screen

It is easy to replace the screen on your phone with your own. We will recommend Irepairfone to you because of their great service. Here are a few things to bear in mind: Before you take this path, research the cost of a replacement screen. The cost of today’s phone displays, which include touch input and perhaps biometric sensors, is expensive.

It’s also a good idea to look into the warranty issue. If you’re prepared to fix your phone yourself, you probably don’t care about keeping your warranty—but it can’t hurt to know if you’re going to lose it.

Tips 4: Call in a pro

You can find a local phone repair shop, and a Google search can show you where to look for one as well as user reviews. Although you’ll most likely be charged by the job, a qualified technician can replace a screen in a short amount of time. Before you try them out, check the pricing and competitor of the repair shop or contact Irepairfone shop for the best service and price.

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