There top Mobile Phone Repair shop in Birmingham, UK is highly recommended by experts. We have identified these repair businesses with local reviews, history, corporate standards, ratings, satisfaction, confidence, price and commercial excellence. The following is a list of Birmingham’s best and most well-known Phone Repairs. To assist you in locating the best Phone Repair in Birmingham.


Irepairfone is a mobile device repair shop that specialises in smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They now have many branches across Birmingham. With a team of highly trained and qualified service experts on hand, you will also see that your phones and devices will be returned to you in excellent working condition. 

They work with all major phone manufacturers and can help you with repairs of all brands and models, including Apple tablets, iPads, Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Google, Xperia, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and any issues such as cracked or broken LCDs, touch screens, charging ports, battery replacements, camera issues, speaker issues and many others. They also sell reconditioned phones and accessories for mobile phones. It’s located at 384a Green Ln, Birmingham B9 5DT, UK. Please contact them to book a visit to one of their stores since they are only open by appointment. They are only available by appointment from Tuesday to Monday from 9 AM to 9 PM. So hurry and set an appointment immediately to get your phone fixed by one of their professional experts.

Birmingham Tech Guy:

Tech Guy from Birmingham is a team of skilled experts that can fix a large range of brands and types of phones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. A dependable and thorough business that provides rapid but complete answers to all of your mobile difficulties while also providing you with a three-month warranty to put your mind at ease and erase any worries. If your phone requires a part replacement, they also carry original parts that will repair your phone to its full functionality as if it were completely new.

Besides the high-quality repairs that they do, they also provide their products at a very low cost, allowing you to save money while still receiving the expert help that they provide. Contact them right now for more information or a quote on the repair work you need to be done on your phone, and let them handle all of your difficulties while maintaining that your phone is up and working in excellent shape as soon as possible. And it is located at 388 Kingstanding Road, Birmingham B44, UK.

T&G Repairs:

T&G Repairs is a repair firm that offers full solutions for all sorts of telephone problems, damages and issues. These include repair of the telephone screen, battery replacements, port charging problems, sound problems, camera difficulties, software updates, password removal, phone unlocking, weather damages and backup and restore. You can help with various problems. They can repair phones from all brands, including iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Nokia, Motorola, and plenty of others.

You will surely receive the finest discounts on all your repair needs because they provide their services at a very cost-effective rate. They can offer a rapid, reliable, and long-lasting service since they have highly qualified experts that are dependable, well-organized, and efficient in their skill. Contact them right now to arrange a repair or stop by their store so that their professional staff can examine your phone issues and provide the best solution possible.

T&G Repairs is located at 25 Oak Tree Ln, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6JE and also services many areas of the UK. Contact them for a free data recovery inspection from the professionals.

M6 Mobile Repairs:

M6 Mobile Repairs shop has already been serving the Birmingham community for over ten years and is known for providing super-high service to all of its clients in a timely and efficient way. Their business has become a renowned brand for all your device repair requirements by providing dependable mobile repair service. You can solve your phone difficulties and give long-term solutions to problems such as display, battery, recharge port and camera replacement, and network connection and repair of water damage.

They provide the latest solutions at an affordable price. The staff swiftly and efficiently diagnoses the problems. Private individuals and businesses can use their cell repair services. The company guarantees PC or Macbook repair services for any hardware or software-related issues. They want to send the gadget to the customer the same day. M6 Mobile Repairs shop is found at 170 Slade Road, Birmingham B23 7PX, UK.


Celltech has been in business in Birmingham for more than 21 years and has a solid reputation. They provide clients with reducing lab testing and diagnostic services. To give the fastest repair service, the crew uses advanced repair equipment. They provide one-of-a-kind, high-quality equipment for all types of cell phones. Within 30 minutes, the staff has completed the major repairs. Celltech offers same-day phone and iPad/tablet servicing.

They specialise in the repair of Apple and Samsung products. Celltech takes pleasure in providing trustworthy and knowledgeable repair services. The store includes a large variety of mobile device services. 94 High Street, Birmingham B14 7JZ, UK is the location of Celltech Repairs.

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