Smartphones may have transformed the world, but without their faults, they aren’t. Just as people are still tears with a shine, smartphones have their weak places as well, and none other than their displays. Anyone that’s ever gone knows how weak the displays could be, and it does nothing worse than to have your monitor reduced to an unsightly pattern of cracks for a good day and a bad day. Take a look at the 10 things to do with your cracked phone screen.


1. Use Toothpaste:

This approach may either repair or hide a tiny scratch.

Apply a little amount of toothpaste on a cotton bud and gently touch the scrape, being careful not to get toothpaste into your device’s headphone sockets, buttons, or other sensitive parts.

It will make your phone smell minty fresh, but it will not return it to its original condition.


2. Vegetable OIl

Again, this will mask the issue but not completely resolve it.

Simply apply a drop of oil to the scrape to cover it.

However, keep in mind that the oil will rub off and need to be reapplied.


3. A plastic bag:

If your phone screen breaks, a screen protector can help prevent the damage from growing worse.

But what if your earnings are in the same condition as your phone?

Simply put a thin, transparent plastic bag around the phone to prevent the problem from growing worse.


4. Sandpaper: 

This is not a technique for the weak of heart.

If a little blemish emerges on your phone, sand it down with paper or grind it away using a grinding machine.

However, don’t stand too hard, since you might not have a screen left.


5. Baking soda:

According to an internet common remedy, a paste made of two parts baking soda and one part water can be used to repair screens.

Simply form a thick paste and massage it in with a towel.

For the time being, this should solve the problem.


6. Hit up the Manufacturer:

If your Android smartphone is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and is relatively new, the first place you should contact for help is the manufacturer. The cost of replacing a damaged screen varies by device. Taking your phone to the manufacturer is nearly always more expensive than taking it to a third-party repair shop, but your warranty will be protected and your phone will be fully restored to its pre-broken-screen brilliance.


7. Fixed by a third-party repair shop:

Going to a third-party repair business can likely save you money if your Android smartphone is older (out of warranty) or a less popular model. Aside from the cost, there are a few advantages to hiring a third-party repair service. If you take your phone to a local repair shop, they’ll be able to fix it fast, so you won’t be without a phone for long.


8. Use a temporary seal:

If the crack on your phone’s screen is only a small one, you can use a temporary seal to keep it from spreading or expanding. To create this temporary seal, you’ll need to use cyanoacrylate. Tilt the phone back and forth to completely conceal the crack. It must be applied evenly and any excess must be wiped away. Allow the adhesive to cure completely before using. This is not a recommended approach and should only be used as a last option. You can also hide the crack with a screen protector until it is professionally fixed.


9. Use cracked phone as a temporary or second phone:

When your phone gets cracked by hitting on any hard surface, and your phone glass totally shattered which is costly to repair. In this situation, you can use this phone as a second phone or just use this for listening to music or talking to others via phone call. 


10. Sell or exchange with other phones:

There is generally more trade-in value than you anticipate, regardless of the state of your phone. Even if the LCD is broken, the phone is still worth something.

Consider selling or trading in your phone if you are unhappy with its condition, even if it is only visual.

The money you get will go toward purchasing a new or used phone, preventing it from ending up in the garbage or dying in your junk drawer. You may also exchange phones with others by contributing money.

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